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on and that's jobs and growing the economy. in my home state of nevada, we still have a stubbornly high unemployment rate above the national average. despite improvements in certain sectors, there's far too many nevadans who are still looking for work. many who have been out of work for now more than a year, year and a half, going on two years, and i know it's part of the budget debate that will occur between now and january 15, will be this discussion about extending unemployment benefits. which is incredibly important to american families who have been struggling during this sustained recession. and so i would challenge my colleagues on the other side, allow us to bring forward the number of jobs legislation and bills that would help build our infrastructure back up in this country. allow us to bring these bills to a vote in this chamber so that we can get our country moving again, we can get the middle class economy moving, we can help middle class families who are trying to provide for themselves and their families with good, sustainable, family-sustainable jobs. not low-wage jobs t
's administration, you had the resignation added economy in shambles. mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. you have to remember at that time in 1974 people do not talk about breast cancer. you literally did not say the word "breast." it was a closet disease for women. here you have an image of mom and dad standing there in front of the press holding hands saying we are going to take the shame of the disease and be very transparent. that was important to her as a person to be able -- she did not choose it but to be that role model and she did well. of the hundreds of thousands of letters she got, women who said thank you for helping to take the shame of the disease. bids --went in and got and saying i went in and got the exam a we caught it early. the letters that dad got. dad received letters from men saying thank you, mr. president for showing me how to stand and support my wife. this was kind of groundbreaking new things as far as breast cancer went. right after the presidency, after dad lost to jimmy carter, out to theirself talking about alcohol and drugs because of through an intervention that
are far behind. that will have a long-term .mpact on the economy this believe that we have to get out of opportunity sharing into success sharing that has driven much of what i talk about on education. if you start to think about that, it changes your whole view of education. situation with a one of the largest achievement gaps along racial lines. that is the reality in connecticut. we have high highs and very low lows. needed to do something about that. we need to hold ourselves accountable for what we are doing. by the political leaders -- i have to say that i am envious of teachers. , the ability to impact isng people and the families this unbelievable gift that many have accepted as their calling. none of us are perfect, the reality is the state of connecticut is filled with teachers working very hard to get it right. they are demonstrating a , alingness to change beingental change embraced in the state of connecticut. we have to realize that teachers need the resources to be ready to do what they have to do. we are asking a lot more of them and it is one of the reasons why in the
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3